April 04, 2009

创建和管理多个Firefox Profile

What is Firefox Profile?


Any changes you make while using Firefox are stored in files so that they can be used the next time you run Firefox. These changes can be obvious, like your home page, or changes you’ve made to the toolbar, but also include things like your history, what sites you’ve visited, and text you’ve entered into forms like search fields. They’re all stored in the same location, called a profile folder.

These files are kept separately from the program files that Firefox uses to run, which don’t change. This means that you can uninstall Firefox without losing your settings, and that if something goes wrong with an update your information will still be there. It also means you don’t have to reinstall Firefox in order to clear your information, or troubleshoot a problem.


Why need Firefox Profile?


How to use Firefox Profile?

正常情况下,我们启动Firefox时采用默认的profile(default)。Firefox’s profile manager能够帮助我们管理Firefox Profile。为了启动Firefox profile manager,需要从命令行启动。简单一点可以从开始–运行启动,在运行中键入firefox.exe --profilemanager。就像这样:

这样我们会看到Firefox’s profile manager。可以创建,重命名,删除profile文件。


看到这里,我们就该看看如何利用profile帮助我们管理Firefox了。 桌面上找到Firefox的快捷方式,在末尾加上-P profilename